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Conveyor belt splicing

Today the conveyor with the rubber belt is the most in-demand type of the technology transport. Conveyor belt (textile-ply or steel cord) have unique service time, that depends on working conditions, but even so we can consider that conveyor belt is just the replacement part that you need to replace sometimes.

Dismantling and instalation of conveyor belt is labotious process, but most of the service workers on the factories can make this work by themselves. Splicing – that is thing that you must think about more carefully. Quality of the splicing depends on many constituents such as equipment for vulcanization, uncured rubber, skill of the person making the splice.

Specialists in our company have 20-years long experience in splicing of fabrick and steel cord belts.

Steel cord belt? We can do it!

Fabric rubber belt? Call us!

Mono-ply belt? Of course “ElasticTrade”!

Chevron belt with the chevron on the place of splicing? Unquestionably our professionals.

We use only best equipment produced by Nilos Gmbh and Fonmar S.A., only best splicing solutions by Nilos Gmbh and Rema Tip-Top, only best specialists.

We work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for your convenience.